Thailand-Japan (J-SMEs) Investment Promotion Project

Thailand-Japan Business Alliance Center (JSMEs)

JSMEs is officially established on the 1st of August 2013 with the strong intention, co-operation, with TPA’s Japanese Network.
The objectives of the JSMEs are

  • To provide the center to promote and support the investment from Japan,
  • To identify potential suppliers, subcontractors, joint-venture partner between Thai and Japan,
  • To be the linkage for providing useful contacts and information with key public and private organizations

In addition, JSMEs strongly purport in providing special training and coaching to promote people’s creativity for the practical application of invention, enhance original ideas, promote the practical use thereof, and diffuse and develop the industrial property system and quality thereby advancing organization development and contributing to the development of our country's economy.

JSMEs ’s Activity

 Others Activities

  • Reception of Trainees
  • International Symposium
  • Investigation of and Consultation on Foreign Industrial Property Systems, and Holding of Seminar by Experts


費用 (n.)
คำอ่าน(ฮิรางานะ) ひよう
คำอ่าน(โรมันจิ) hi-you
แปลว่า ค่าใช้จ่าย

hi-you wa su-ku-na-ku to-mo ni-jyuu man en ku-rai ni na-ri-ma-su


Contact us
Technology Promotion Association(Thailand-Japan)
Sukhumvit5-7 Sukhumvit Road
Soi 29 Klongtoey Nua Vadhana
Bangkok 10110
Tel. 0-2258-0320-5 ext. 1400 -1404
Tel(Direct) 0-2258-6437
Fax. 0-2258-6440, 0-2259-9117
Contact E-mail:
J-SMEs Services
  1. Arrange business trip/ business matching
    • For Japanese investors (to Thai and Southeast Asia)
    • For Thai investors (to Japan)
  2. Arrange workshops for both Thai and Japanese SMEs
  3. Business Coordination Service
    • Advisory Service (providing business advises by short briefings, e-mails)
    • Market Research Service (questionnaire, focus group)
    • Arrange Local Business Trip (including creating lists of target companies, preparing schedules, appointments and interpreters for the trips)
    • Market Development Support (negotiations with local companies, management support)
  4. Interpreting and Translating Services