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Business Coordination Service
Provide services that will help business owners to do business in Thailand/Japan with great effectiveness and efficiency. With our effective network and staff team, we can provide various types and levels of services to comply with all kinds of demand.

1.1 Business Advisory Service
Providing initial advises and information that business owners would like to know before starting businesses.

1.2 Market Research Service
Analyze the market using questionnaire or focus group analysis for the clients' products or services in order to estimate the possibility and increase confidence in doing business.

1.3 Business Matching and Negotiation Service
Coordinate with the companies that are interested in matching programs, assist in arranging and supporting the communications between related parties so that the matching can proceed smoothly and conveniently.

1.4 Market Development Support Service
Business and operation planning, event organizing, and arranging business tours in Thailand/Japan

Company Location Finding Service
This service is designed to help entrepreneurs find proper location for setting up their companies, both for the offices and factories. The area size can also be determined to suit the type of business operation.

Interpreting and Translating Services
With our professional staff team and proof-read by native staff, the interpreting and translating services can effectively assist you in regards to communication with foreign parties.


Please choose your required service according to the following table

Service       Purpose Price Selection

1. Business Coordination Service


1.1 Advisory

  Business Advises        
  Short Discussion      
  Via E-mail       

1.2 Market Research Service

  Translate/Design Questionnaire Format      
  Distribute Questionnaires      
  (Online/Offline 100 questionnaires or more)        
  Focus Group        
  Group Arrangement(5-8 ppl/90-120minutes)      
  Fee Paid to Participants      

1.3 Coordination Service

  Create the List of Selected Companies/ Make Appointments/ Scheduling    
  Details of the Interested Companies      
  Make Appointment for Discussions      
  Full Day      
  Half Day      
  Van (for 10 passengers /10 hours)      
  Bangkok and Nearby Areas/Driver Fee Included         
  Fuel, Oil, Parking Fees Included        

1.4 Market Development Support Service

  Business Negotiation with Local Companies        
  Information of the Company Joining Negotiation      
  Making Appointment      
  Business Matching and Follow-Up      
  Coordinating and Managing Business Negotiations        
  Holding Exhibition Events, Coordinating and Managing      

2. Interpreting and Translating Services

  Interpreting Service        
  Level: S        
  Full Day      
  Half Day      
  Level: AA        
  Full Day      
  Half Day      
  Level: A        
  Full Day      
  Half Day      
  Level: B        
  Full Day      
  Half Day      
  Translating Service        
  A4 Page        
  Japanese- Thai      
  Thai - Japanese      

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足踏み (n. v.suru)
คำอ่าน(ฮิรางานะ) あしぶみ
คำอ่าน(โรมันจิ) a-shi-bu-mi
แปลว่า การหยุดชะงัก


จากสภาพเศรษฐกิจที่หยุดชะงัก ในที่สุดก็เริ่มส่งสัญญาณการฟิ้นตัวเมื่อเข้าสู่ปีนี้

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J-SMEs Services
  1. Arrange business trip/ business matching
    • For Japanese investors (to Thai and Southeast Asia)
    • For Thai investors (to Japan)
  2. Arrange workshops for both Thai and Japanese SMEs
  3. Business Coordination Service
    • Advisory Service (providing business advises by short briefings, e-mails)
    • Market Research Service (questionnaire, focus group)
    • Arrange Local Business Trip (including creating lists of target companies, preparing schedules, appointments and interpreters for the trips)
    • Market Development Support (negotiations with local companies, management support)
  4. Interpreting and Translating Services