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Where can I buy enzalutamide online at an affordable price?
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Bdenza Capsules Wholesale Price | Indian Xtandi Exporter

Alternatives to Xtandi 40 mg Capsules : Generic Enzalutamide Supplier

Bdenza 40mg Capsules (manufactured by BDR Pharmaceuticals Int'l Pvt Ltd)

Capmide 40mg (Box of 112 capsules, manufactured by Cipla Pharmaceutical Company)

Xylutide 40mg (Box of 112 capsules, manufactured by Cipla Pharmaceutical Company)

Indenza 40mg (Box of 28 capsules, manufactured by Aprazer Pharmaceutical Company)

Enzana 40mg (Box of 28 capsules, manufactured by Hetero Pharmaceutical Company)

Obnyx 40mg (Box of 28 capsules, manufactured by Zydus Pharmaceutical Company)

Glenza 40 mg (Box of 112 capsules, manufactured by Glenmark Pharmaceutical Company)

Enzamide 40 mg (Box of 56 capsules, manufactured by Intas Pharmaceutical Company)

Xtandi 40mg (Box of 112 capsules, manufactured by Astellas Pharmaceutical Company)

Indian Enzalutamide Capsules : Generic Xtandi Price USA Philippines China

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Product Detail

Brand Name: Bdenza

Ingredients: Enzalutamide

Manufacturer: BDR Pharmaceuticals

Strength: 40mg

Form: Capsule

Pack Size: Pack of 56 Capsules

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