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House Building Process with SC Grand

SC GRAND SERVICES provides a full range of home building services. from the very beginning as well as after-sales service


1. The staff are waiting to provide advice on building a house.

SC GRAND has staff and experts ready to take care of consulting. including information about building a professional home From the start of the idea to the after-sales service


2. Survey the availability of land Before proceeding with the construction of the house

SC GRAND provides a land survey service before the actual construction. and that land The customer must own the full ownership of the land. or obtaining the consent of the landowner with clear written evidence confirming The physical properties of the land must have the following characteristics:


There must be electrical mains and water pipes passing through the land to be constructed.

The entrance to the construction site must have an area for trucks to easily enter and exit.

**When SC GRAND has entered the land readiness survey service Customers will have to do the next step of preparation by themselves as follows:


Demolish the original building - clearing the grass. Cutting trees - filling the soil, adjusting the top of the soil so that it does not interfere with the construction process.

Prepare for vacant land for the construction material pile and the construction of workers' shelters

In the case of the entrance-exit for transporting construction materials It is a private area and there is a fee to pass through. The customer must take care of all expenses in this section.



3. There are many standard house designs to choose from. and can be customized as required

The standard house designs of SC GRAND are designed to meet the needs and meet the needs of living perfectly. in which to choose a house Customers must take into account the number of members. family way of life and the size of the land in the form of width x length, which must be related to the size of the selected house In case of needing to modify a house design, the company has experienced architects and engineers to give advice and adjust the design to meet the needs.

When you get the type of house you want Professionals will adjust the design and estimate the price. to invite customers to come and check again Before approving the new house price, after that, the company will make an appointment for the customer to enter the construction contract 7 working days in advance [from the date of the design verification and price approval]


4. Home loan application service to facilitate customers

SC GRAND has service providers to apply for home building loans for customers who wish to conduct transactions with the bank. which will receive a maximum of 100% in full, and can also apply for additional credit in the decoration of the bank as well To reduce the hassle of procedures and facilitate the customers.


5. Make a construction contract

After selecting the house model and approving the price, the company will make an appointment for the customer to enter the construction contract at SC Grand Company Limited 7 working days in advance [from the date of the design verification and price approval]. Able to travel to make a contract by yourself Able to allow other people to enter into a contract on their behalf The representative must have a power of attorney as evidence attached.


**Note: If the customer changes or cancels the material after the construction contract has been completed. The customer must notify the Company of their wishes in writing and the Company will charge an additional 10% fee from that transaction. In the event that the customer wishes to procure materials by himself Must transport that material to the job site within the time agreed with the company. so that the construction period is in accordance with the


6. Construction permit service and contact for a house number - electricity - water supply

Requesting a construction permit and contacting for a house number - electricity - water supply with government agencies is an important step that the company ready for action From preparing the documents and contacting the district office until the completion


7. Carry out construction with continuous construction reports

After performing various permissions SC GRAND will begin construction of houses for customers according to the period of agreement with the company. This service is at the heart of our focus. Therefore, we have a reporting service to monitor the progress of the construction work. and provide additional construction information to customers by the team that is on duty


8. Deliver the finished house to the customer.

When the construction is completed, the company will make an appointment with the customer and the company representative. come to check before If there is a correction point, the company will complete the correction. Then the customer will sign the house delivery. with house keys And the home warranty card is the last step.

Website: https://www.scgrand.co.th/

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