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What is acne gel and why is it important?

Acne… is one of the problems that bother teenagers that are difficult to avoid. which can occur for a variety of reasons Both hormonal problems, dirt, various skin problems That creates a lot of concern for everyone, which is looking for "acne gel", an important item that comes in to make acne disappear quickly, without leaving acne scars. Solving acne problems on the spot is the main option that is the solution for people with acne


In this article, I will explain what acne gel is and how to use it. Including choosing acne gel to suit the nature of acne. and end with acne gel that contains research-approved ingredients. Help acne disappears quickly. It definitely doesn't leave a mark!


What is acne gel?

Acne gel is a skin care that is used for pointing the "acne" area. It has a gel-like texture. Used to kill acne reduce inflammation of acne make acne disappear quickly And prevent acne. However, applying acne gel should be applied only to acne problem areas. Not suitable for applying all over the face. Use after washing your face and applying toner. To allow the ingredients in the acne gel to work and absorb into the skin before applying other nourishing creams.


Acne gels are not the same as topical acne medications and must be consulted with a doctor or pharmacist. Because there may be side effects such as allergies. irritated skin In addition, some drugs are contraindicated in pregnant or lactating women. Although the use of acne gel will see results slower than acne medication. but will be more secure and are less likely to be allergic or irritated than acne medication Acne gel is suitable for people with mild to moderate acne problems. including those who are pregnant or breast-feeding who cannot use topical acne medication and those with sensitive skin Allergy and irritation from acne medication The advantages of acne gel are:

  1. Inhibit the growth of bacteria C.Acnes that causes acne and gently exfoliate the skin.
  2. Helps to make acne collapse within a period of 1 night or can easily press acne out
  3. Reduce inflammation and redness of the skin, thus reducing the chance of acne scarring.
  4. Provides moisture to the skin It does not make my skin dry or peel. It also helps reduce oiliness that causes acne.
  5. be gentle does not cause irritation Can be used for both pregnant women and those with sensitive skin.


Various types of acne with acne gel

However, even acne gel can make acne disappear quickly. But not all acne can use acne gel and see results. So Plantnery would like to explain about acne characteristics that are suitable for using acne gel.

1. A clogged acne is a pimple without a head. Can be divided into 2 types: 

2. Inflamed acne is a pimple that, when pressed, will feel pain. red swelling under the skin Acne is developed from clogged pimples infected with C.Ance or cracked pore walls from squeezing acne. or the rupture of the pore wall from the neck that is larger than the pores can withstand the pressure Characteristics can be divided as follows: 


In conclusion, the problem of clogged acne, looking for skincare that helps to dissolve acne head. Reducing clogging of pores, it will be more effective than that. The use of acne gel is suitable for inflamed acne that is starting to look swollen, red or more purulent. But in a good way, it's better to have an acne spot gel at home. Because clogged acne can easily become inflamed acne. Which we have acne gel that contains Tea Tree oil, an extract that has been researched to reduce acne bacteria, combined with Niacinamide to help reduce redness and dark spots from acne. with Centella Asiatica leaves that help heal wounds There is also witch hazel that reduces inflammation and prevents acne breakouts. 

All this in Plantnery Tea Tree Intense Acne Gel helps acne breakouts in 12 hours. Gel reduces inflammation and prevents acne breakouts. Helps eliminate C.acne, prevent and reduce comidone. which is a major cause of acne It also helps to reduce the appearance of dark spots from acne. Can be used for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

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