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Food of the north Consisting of sticky rice as a staple food There are different kinds of chili paste such as young chili paste, Ong chili paste, there are many kinds of curry such as Ho Kaeng curry, Kaeng curry, and also has Nham sausage, curry paste, and various vegetables.

Khao Soi Nam Na North Food

Khao Soi Nam Na North Food Khao Soi Nam Na northern food It is a local food of the Chiang Khong people. Use wide rice noodles with pork bone soup. Then seasoned with dried chili, salt, garlic, shallots, bean flakes, topped with ground pork and coriander.
Khao Soi, northern food of Thailand formerly referred to as "Noodle Hoa" looks like noodles, big noodles in soup with side dishes. It is north Thai food that is a popular northern food menu
1. Pork Chops
2. Noodles
3. Onion
4. Big chili peppers
5. Coriander Root
6. Spring onions
7. Lemon
8. Shrimp paste
9. Pork Bones
10. Salt
11. Dark Soy Sauce
How to do
Prepare the khao soi
1. Bring large chili peppers to boil. Then prepare the blender. Add the prepared chili, add spring onion, coriander root and onion, then blend thoroughly.
2. Prepare the pan to heat. and pour the finely blended peppers into the pan, use low heat to simmer the peppers by roasting to have a good smell Then put the minced pork into it. and roast them together until the pork is cooked at.
3. Continue roasting pork to dry enough, then add shrimp paste. Add a little water to keep it from drying out.
Prepare soup and noodles
1. Boil water using low heat, put pork ribs in it. Add a small amount of salt to the water. Wait for the water to boil, add the coriander root.
2. Blanch the noodles and put them in a plate.
Prepare the dish
1. Put the blanched noodles in a plate. Pour the prepared broth. and sprinkle with khao soi topping Sprinkle with spring onions and coriander, add a little dark soy sauce. Then squeeze the lemon accordingly.
Northern food has many and has different names from every region. We have compiled many recipes, a variety of menus, whether it's boiled menu, stir-fried menu, curry menu, fried menu, steamed menu, grilled menu. Try to cook and eat. Northern food. How to make it delicious. Northern food. What secrets do you have?
Characteristics of northern food
As for the uniqueness of northern food, northern food is not popular with sugar. The sweetness of the food is obtained from the ingredients used in cooking, whether it is vegetables, fish, fats are obtained from animal oils, etc. Northern folk food. It is special that there is a mix of eating cultures from many peoples.
Northern food is another interesting food region. Because the menu has a wide variety, whether it's curry or chili paste, the highlight of the northern food is its distinctive flavor. and is not popular with sugar Most of them rely on the sweetness from the ingredients used in cooking instead.
In addition, some vegetables can only be found in the northern region. Because the northern region is mostly landscaped with mountains. Therefore, there are a lot of vegetables and herbs from the forest, such as cabbage, bonsai, banana stalk, sweet vegetable, etc., until the curry paste contains only various herbs.
Northern food is usually eaten with sticky rice. And eat together with chili pastes such as Nam Prik Num, Nam Prik Ong and many kinds of curry such as Kaeng Ho, Kaeng Kae, Kang Hang Le, etc. With the weather of the north where the weather is mostly cold. The nature of the food is therefore different from other regions of Thailand, where most of the food of the northerners are very fatty, such as Nam Prik Ong, Hung Lay Curry, and Sai Oua, which will help warm the body.
besides savory food There are many dessert menus that are delicious and unique that can only be found in the north, such as Kanom Nam Sugar Cane. Glutinous rice porridge, salt dessert, lin-ma dessert, Witu rice, sesame snack, narrow rice and sugar cane sesame paste, etc.
Northern traditional food
Northern Thailand (ประเทศไทย) In the past, it was part of the Lanna Kingdom. It is a kingdom that is prosperous. The territory extends to neighboring countries such as Myanmar and Laos. Food of the Lanna people. therefore received a variety of cultures from many different tribes.
The food of the North is to eat sticky rice as the main food and eat with chili paste such as Nam Prik Num, Nam Prik Ong and many kinds of curry such as Kaeng Ho, Kaeng Kae, etc. With the weather of the North, the climate is cool. Therefore, it is different from other regions of Thailand. Most of the northern food contains a lot of fat, such as Nam Prik Ong, Hung Lay Curry, and Sausages, which help warm the body. Wild plants that are often used in cooking in the North, such as cabbage, cabbage, banana leaf, sweet vegetables, etc.
Northern people eat sticky rice as a staple food. Northern Thai Cuisine Northern region is a land that has prospered since the past as a land of history. cultural arts tradition.
Northern Thailand
Northern region is the region at the top of Thailand. It borders with neighboring countries and other regions in a clockwise order as follows: west and north border with the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
Topography of the north
The terrain is mountainous and complex. It has a total area of ??93690.85 square kilometers and has a large population. Northern Region is a region of Thailand in the northern part of the country, bordering on the north by the border with Myanmar and Laos, on the east border with Laos.
Northern Thailand has 9 provinces, including Chiang Rai Province. Chiang Mai Province Nan Province Phayao Province Phrae Province Mae Hong Son Province Lampang Province Lamphun Province Uttaradit Province.


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