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The PTT Group has responded to the Net Zero policy of the Thai government

Net Zero is to preserve and create a better climate on our planet by reducing or the cessation of increasing greenhouse gas levels in the Earth's atmosphere. Or limiting our global temperature to more than 1.5 degrees Celsius to reduce the global warming problem that everyone is facing. At this point, after knowing what Net Zero is, Brother Whale thought that everyone had a question. So how can they make Net Zero happen? Recently, the 26th meeting of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change ( COP26 ) was held and the Net Zero approach was set up for the world that signed it. Today, they would like to tell you about the Net Zero policy that will happen to all countries around the world.



All that Pawan said is the main policy of creating Net Zero all over the world, but actually there are many more. and most importantly Phun Wan would like to say that now many industries in Thailand have begun to move in accordance with this Net Zero policy, where They has seen that it is the PTT group that is developing clean energy innovations.


The PTT Group has responded to the Net Zero policy of the Thai government, which has set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible in 2050. In order to start causing Net Zero to occur, the first is internal. By 2030 , PTT Group will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in both domestic and international businesses by 15%, including the establishment of the PTT Group Net Zero Task Force or G-NET to drive Net Zero to occur. can be realized in all PTT business groups. Now, the PTT Group has continued to develop innovations in fuels and clean energy.


PTT Group has established 3 main operational policies to make Net Zero happen, namely reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the whole process, for example, increasing energy efficiency. 


Capturing carbon with technology and turning it into benefits Next is to invest in the development of clean energy businesses in the PTT Group in the next 10 years and the last is to increase natural resources. by planting more forests as much as possible Pee Wan saw many natural learning centers of PTT, so she could go sightseeing. and study and learn


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