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How Does Cell Therapy Work?

Cell therapy is also called cellular therapy, or cellular immunotherapy. It's used for treating diseases like cancer, arthritis, and other autoimmune disorders.

The cells used in cell therapy are often healthy immune system cells that have been removed from the patient's blood and grown in a lab. These cells are then injected back into the patient to help them fight disease without having any adverse reactions such as an allergic reaction or rejection by the immune system.


What are the Various Types of Cells in Cell Therapy?

The most common type of cells in cell therapy are stem cells. They are found in the bone marrow and have the ability to turn into any other type of cell. Mesenchymal cells are also a common type of cells that can be used for cell therapy


These cells have a lot of potential because they can differentiate into many different types of tissues, such as fat, cartilage, muscles, and bone. Lastly, cancer cells are also a type of cell that is being used for treatment purposes. Cancerous tumors grow rapidly because they contain an excessive number of these cancerous tumor-initiating cells called cancer stem or cancer progenitor cells (CPCs).


How Does Cell Therapy Work?

Cell therapy is a treatment that uses the body's own cells to fight disease. It has been used in the treatment of cancer, HIV, and other diseases.


Cell therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that uses stem cells to treat diseases. The cells are removed from the patient's body and grown in a lab. Then they are injected back into the patient where they can help heal damaged tissue or organs.


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