Japanese Thai

Student Voice


Mr. Narit Soraphiphat, Thai
Freelance Illustrator

"I love art. Especially, Japanese art and culture. I learned Japanese to enable me to pursue my interests. Learning Japanese has given me the opportunity to draw illustrations and to be able to represent Thailand by communicating in Japanese."

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Atsushi YOKOTA

Mr. Yokota Atsushi, Japan

"Don't be afraid to learn Thai. I try to talk frequently with Thai people to practice my Thai."

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Mr. Koji Enomoto, Japan

"When there is something that I do not understand the teacher always helps me. This makes it easier to ask questions."

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Mr. Taku Saito, Japan

"The teacher is a professional, they teach Thai very well. Although in the future, I may not be able to travel, buy things or eat together with my teacher. I feel everything is a learning experience ..."

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Mr. Yuki Arai, Japan

"At TPA, there are professors who teach well, for me it is the best place to learn Thai. .. I would like to recommend that everyone studies Thai in Thailand, especially at TPA."

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Mr. Takao Kumazaki, Japan

"Every day I practice listening, improving little by little . Thai is "difficult" but if you can talk to Thai people you’ll find it fun to learn, you can order food and do more fun activities."

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