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TPA Thai Language Proficiency Test

School of Language and Culture, Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan) has started teaching Thai language to Japanese people since the association was established, along with teaching Japanese to Thai people since 1973 and has started the training program on how to teach Thai as a foreign language for the general public since 2007 for the purpose of conveying standardized Thai language to foreigners and produce qualified teachers to teach Thai language. TPA has been working on a project for "Occupational Standards and Professional Qualifications Project of education, research, and language services: Thai language teacher for foreigners" in conjunction with Thailand Professional Qualification Institute (Public Organization) by preparing a test and specifying conditions to certify the level of competence of those who teach Thai to foreigners

TPA Thai Language Proficiency Test (TPA-TLPT)

TPA Thai Language Proficiency Test is a test that objectively estimates the Thai Language Ability of non-native Thai Speakers who are continuing their studies for the purpose of studying in Thailand or for Business. The test does not assign "pass" or "fail" results. Rather, test scores will be classified into T1: beginner, T2: elementary, T3: intermediate, T4: advanced, and T5: proficient levels.

Levels of the test

1 T1
Those who are at T1 level are able to read and write Thai, and are able to understand basic vocabulary and grammar. They also can create short sentences about their daily life situations.
2 T2
Those who are at T2 level are able to read and write Thai fluently, and understand daily life vocabulary and grammar well. They also have good listening comprehension and are able to communicate in daily life situations.
3 T3
Those who are at T3 level are able to understand complicated sentences, and are able to communicate properly. They can understand Thai articles in general topic on newspapers or magazines, and also are able to use Thai language at the workplace.
4 T4
Those who are at T4 level are able to understand more complicated sentences than intermediate level sentences. They can read, listen, and understand content about economics, politics, and social issues on newspapers, magazines, T.V., or radio channels. They can also use Thai language confidently at the workplace and able to live in Thailand without language problems.
5 T5
Those who are at T5 level are able to use Thai language as proficiently as Thai people in all skill areas.

Format of the test

Available Test Dates: 2 Times / Year
On the second SUNDAY of MARCH and OCTOBER in any year
10:00 am – 12:00 pm (120 minutes)
Test Location: School of Language & Culture, Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan)
15th Floor Times Square Building Mall,
246 Room No.15-03, Sukhumvit Rd., Klongtoei, Bangkok 10110

* In case there are changes in the examination venue due to the number of examinees, we will directly inform the examinees.

The improvement on TPA-TLPT

Application form Test Instructions and Example

TPA Thai Language Proficiency Test (TPA-TLPT)

TPA Thai Language Proficiency Test (TPA-TLPT)